Kurt has flat feet.

A furious elephant kicks out the fencing of his enclosure and sends the keeper flying.

You see, Kyohei, this question ... it's about saline solution but ...

I gave it up after my father had given me a good scolding.

If you're interested in going camping with us, please let me know as soon as possible.

You have to listen to her.

All at once the sky became dark and it started to rain.

His hands were blue because of the cold.

His intelligence is widely recognized.

5 dollars in quarters and a dollar in dimes.

I'm not mad at you.

The cake is ready to eat.

On arriving home, I discovered the burglary.

Johan's joke was met with stony silence.


Mat and Chuck played catch for a while.


The two Queens are very different.


We are defenseless.


Rich told John the secret.

The soldiers distribute food to the refugees.

Charlie was quite obnoxious.


I was just talking with them.


His selfishness got in the way of his promotion.

Would you like to be considered for the job?

It's pretty clear you have a problem.

We hope it's good.

I can easily convince you of his innocence.


He went out of his way to help me.


Lee is very good at French, isn't he?

Our company's headquarters are in Tokyo.

I am fishing on the lake.


I don't think Michelle is allergic to peanuts.

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I can't get over you.

"I don't know", said Tony.

Could you show me how to start this machine?

I realise that you are the second authority in Europe.

Merat chose to leave.

He settled his property on his sons.

This is not Disneyland.

Why did you have to hide from us?

There's something mysterious about her.

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Cindy invited Del and her sister to his party.

Srikanth told us everything.

We must know for certain.

Gretchen didn't warn me that this might happen.

What in the world is this?


We're not afraid of political correctness.

I thought you were a better guitar player than that.

Rodney certainly knows a lot about Curtis.

What are your plans, Murray?

I am going to summarize my speech.

I'd like to meet his father.

If I can win the lottery, then I won't have to sell my daughters.

I met them there.

Geoff doesn't own a credit card.

Nobody talks about Brandi.

I have a request.


I don't want you to be late.

Would you lend me that book?

I expected more.

He who acts well needs not to fear.

I thought you were leaving Boston.

Will people taking pharmacy with the intent of becoming chemists please take the six year course.

Most people who eat with a fork live in Europe, North America, and South America; people who eat with chop sticks live in Africa, the Near East, Indonesia, and India.


Dan was a seasoned investigator.

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I cannot brake! The brakes are broken!

Why didn't you tell him that?

Vladimir swore that he didn't tell anyone about the secret.

I know she puts up with a lot from me.

Space's the one who's scared.

I was meaning to ask you about that.

How many sit-ups should I do a day?

Lindsay has never fallen in love.

The aroma of the flowers was the first thing Sarah noticed when she entered the greenhouse.


I need your car keys.

Kristin is old enough to decide for himself.

We should help.


He wins his arguments by logical reasoning.

We want healthier food.

Pitawas can speak French better than I can.


I was afraid something like this would happen.


You all had this coming.

Patience is the mother of science.

If anybody can beat Johnny, it's you.

Don't tell me it's OK if it's not really OK.

She's waiting.

He entered the room.

I am not Canadian.

I just thought you were happy.

We're forced to look for another way out of this situation.

This matter is of great importance.

Please send someone to my room.

Do you want that?

I told her I was coming.

Alcohol destroys the liver.

I really want to know what the hell is going on.

Did you find out what happened to Alexis's car?

We're gonna teach them all a good lesson.


Don't be a wuss!


I think you can help us.

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I won't let anyone do that.


I have a tattoo on my left shoulder.

We think you should go to Boston.

She hears English all through the day.

What? What is it? What's the matter?

Do you see any problems with us not attending that meeting?

I'm interested in helping them.

I do want it.

Takeuchi said he thought he could pass the test.

Gerard gave me permission to use his car.

What exactly do you want me to buy?

It was very disturbing.

We need to get away from this place.

I can't believe Gunter was an undercover cop.


You shot her, didn't you?

Waiter, the rice is undercooked and has no salt.

This is the very book that I want to read.


Is it going to snow?

In this season we often suffer from an excess of rain.

They swam across the bay.

Are you really going to move to Boston?

Both Bill and Mac are crazy about computers.


There is a woman in this room.

The police didn't find fingerprints.

Who says I'm afraid of them?

Whether you believe it or not, I believe it.

Did Dennis do something he shouldn't have?

He promised not to tell lies again.

You speak German, don't you?

His speech was an unmitigated disaster.

You were amazing.

He has never been crowned with such glory.

Can you give us a description of the car that hit Lievaart?

I only know what you tell me.

What? Did I hear you right?

Wasn't it him who stole your wallet?

She opened the window, even though I told her not to.

We could not help laughing at his story.

Is there an air pressure gauge here?

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God bless you.

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He was the cock of the walk.

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I'm not going to let you commit suicide.

I like to eat out.

You are an angel of a child.

Leo could've been the flower girl.

Calculating the risk which is involved in the event of failure, he demanded a show-down with the other party.


Norman is too drunk to drive. Could you take him home?

My brother caught a big fish.

Dan spent the night having sex with Linda.

I just love to watch Raymond play.

Why would that bother him?

I have to do something to help Clara.

No matter what you do you must always do it to the best of your ability.

I can speak English a little.

I don't believe everything Elisabeth says.

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Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of blood.

Avery has been seeing a therapist for a month and a half.

Julia doesn't really want me to do that.

Something must have happened down there.

I don't have an answer.

People in the town came to help him.

Do we know a good babysitter?

Why couldn't you come on Saturday?

It can be chaotic.

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There's no better pillow than his chest.


The house over there on the hill is my house.


The rain turned into snow.